• 6 TRX 250's in inventory. $250 per ATV. $200 Security deposit per ATV.

    Offered Daily

    48 hr

    250 US dollars

2 Day ATV Rentals

Service description:

  • Looking for ATV rentals for a 2 day trip? Awesome! SOCAL ATVS provides reliable ATV's for rent.

  • These ATV's are very easy to use.

  • They are semi-automatics meaning they can be used as an automatic for a beginner or used as a quad with a clutch for a more advanced rider.

  • These ATV's go as fast as 50mph in 5th gear. (Beginners are recommended to stay in 2nd gear giving you a top speed of 20mph.)

  • This ATV also does 50mpg giving you 100 miles per tank.

  • Tanks come filled with gas when received & don't have to be filled when returned.

  • The cleaning fee is included in the price of $250.

  • The trailer is only available for renters taking (3-6) ATV'S since it's my only trailer for now.

  • The trailer fits 4 ATV's.

  • The trailer is $100 for 2 days & that fee is paid outside of the website, most likely when we meet for the exchange.

  • If you take (4 ATV's or more) for 2 days I include the trailer free of charge.

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